Brand Identity + Logo Design

Brand Identity is more than just Logo Design – it’s an ongoing process of building your brand and creating a consistent brand voice in everything your company does. Read more…

Branding not only represents the product or services your company offers, it’s also an embodiment of your company’s mission and culture. Brand personality only emerges through careful consideration of key elements of brand positioning such as brand belief, brand promise, and brand benefit. Understanding factors such as what differentiates your company, why your company was founded, audience motivations, and your promise to them forms a solid foundation for brand identity design.

Your visual brand identity and logo design are an embodiment of your brand vision and communicate to the world that which makes you unique. It should be memorable, elegant, and make people want to experience it. Well-designed brand guidelines and are paramount to a successful implementation of a new brand identity or a brand refresh. We provide our branding clients with an easy-to-navigate suite of brand assets and work with them to ensure brand consistency across all channels.

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