Consumer Sentiment Inbound Marketing Campaign

As an ongoing inbound marketing campaign, the 2022 Consumer Sentiment Study provides potential 360 Market Reach customers with valuable insights on consumer outlook for the travel, health & wellness, and financial sectors. The campaign utilizes a dedicated webpage on the client’s WordPress website with a tabbed feature for quarterly research data updates, a summary of which is available as a gated content download. The campaign webpage is optimized to encourage conversion, with both a scroll-triggered call-to-action (CTA) pop-up and an exit intent pop-up. The gated download summary is available through a HubSpot landing page and provides readers with clear data visualization of consumer sentiment and a reminder to contact 360 Market Reach for a tailored study. Prospects who download the summary also receive an automated follow-up email with a CTA to schedule a consultation with the sales team. This inbound marketing campaign is designed to maximize client ROI by leveraging the initial campaign elements throughout the course of the campaign.