Branding + Design

Our branding + design creative process is the same whether we are creating a brand identity or rebrand, a logo design, a website design, marketing promotions, packaging, corporate communications, or an infographic. As creative directors with graphic design roots, we see design as integral to every creative project. We always start with a clear understanding of objectives through the lens of end-user, shopper, or customer needs. Understanding how a brand, product, or event will impact their lives is essential to creating a design that deepens their relationship as a customer. At its core, design is a problem-solving process, the outcome of which not only engages the audience but also creates an emotional connection. Good design is also good for business. In fact, companies that value design tend to outperform in terms of both revenues and returns to shareholders, according to the McKinsey & Company Design Index.

Brand Identity and Logo Design

Brand identity is more than just logo design – it’s an ongoing process of building your brand and creating a consistent brand voice in everything your company does. Branding not only represents the product or services your company offers, it’s also an embodiment of your company’s mission and culture. Brand personality only emerges through careful consideration of key elements of brand positioning such as brand belief, brand promise, and brand benefit. Understanding factors such as what differentiates your company, why your company was founded, audience motivations, and your promise to them forms a solid foundation for brand identity design. For a deeper dive into our brand identity development process, read our blog post Brand Identity: Love at First Sight.

Graphic Design and Infographics

Graphic Design is at the heart of all we do. We are not in the business of decoration. Every piece we design – whether a website, a billboard or a restaurant menu – is a concept come to life. Formal design elements are building blocks that carry meaning and tell a story. Captivating your audience with color, typography, composition, and imagery is our passion.

Infographics are an excellent tool for data visualization as well as simplifying complex material. A well-designed data visualization infographic allows your audience to see relationships between data points and better understand your overall message. Flow chart infographics are an excellent way to represent material such as a customer journey map or instructional corporate communications.