Nonprofit Marketing

Whether the goal of your organization is event marketing, building membership, fundraising, or volunteer engagement, nonprofit marketing is essential to the realization of your mission. We partner with nonprofit organizations to bring their purpose and vision to life by building community and a shared purpose of working toward a greater goal. Understanding the unique needs of your nonprofit begins with a clear vision for your organizational goals and in-depth understanding of your audience and the best channels with which to reach them. Translating those insights into strategically grounded and beautifully designed creative is how we move your audience to action and propel your mission forward.

What Makes Marketing for Nonprofits Unique?

Effective marketing strategy and thoughtful branding and design are just as important to nonprofits as they are to companies selling products and services. However, the goal at the heart of nonprofit marketing is furthering the mission of the organization.

We know that while an organization’s objectives may be unique, a solid marketing and communications strategy is always critical to achieving its mission and vision. We help nonprofits extend their reach while maximizing limited budgets by understanding what matters most to their audience and engaging them with the right channels.

We firmly believe that nonprofits need big ideas to make big things happen. We bring our passion for your organization’s mission to branding, web design, social media campaigns, email templates, collateral, presentation materials and event signage.

Nonprofit Branding and Event Marketing

Establishing the right brand identity for your nonprofit organization can set the course for success in reaching your goals. Likewise, well-designed conference branding and event branding extend the reach of your organization by engaging your community and encouraging event attendance.

Nonprofit Creative and Design

Creative design for nonprofits must communicate the organization’s message in a way that connects with the audience and inspires them to further engage. Design must also meet the needs of organization employees, management, key stakeholders, and volunteers. Telling the story behind the mission requires having a passion for the cause – and knowing how to appeal to those who can help make it a reality. We create websites, ads, digital marketing campaigns, social media content, email marketing templates, collateral, signage, t-shirts, branded promotional merchandise, and anything else you need to build awareness, educate, inspire, engage and grow advocacy.